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Building a commercial Virtual Reality Entertainment offering is costly and complicated. Multiple hardware and software systems need to be perfectly coordinated in order for the system to work as a seamless solution. Constantly changing technology and gaming offerings need to be evaluated and incorporated to keep the experience fresh and your customers coming back for more.

FocusVR has done the hard work to provide your business with a true turn-key solution. We researched and evaluated multiple hardware and software systems for over a year before selecting the best offerings from manufacturers worldwide.

We’ve designed a true turnkey solution that will delight your customers and is easy to manage and maintain for your staff. When support is needed, our 24/7 expert support staff will get your systems back up and running as soon as possible, often without even requiring a site visit.

Currently there are three types of VR solutions; Room Scale, Arena and Motion Platform.

Room Scale Solutions:

Existing room-scale systems are simple, work well and are fairly easy to setup and maintain. They vary little from the consumer systems readily available in the big box tech stores are also fairly affordable for consumers. This makes the offering less than a unique experience. Further they have limitations in the types of games and in-game locomotion that can be experienced. Because of this they fall short of a totally immersive experience.

 Arena Solutions: 

VR Arena's solve the locomotion problem and offer a more immersive experience but in doing so create problems of their own. Firstly, the space and infrastructure required is substantial. Between 2500 and 3500 sq ft of valuable floor space is required. In addition expensive tracking camera systems need to be installed overhead requiring extensive infrastructure investment. The investment for a single location can easily grow to over $500,000.00. Then there is an increased possibility for customer injury during game play. Since the participants are essentially free to walk, or run, in any direction while essentially blind to the physical world around them, there is nothing to prevent them from running into a stationary object or another player during excited game play. In addition, all games and experiences offered need to be customized to your physical arena dimensions and environment and also periodically re-calibrated. This limits the variety and scope of game offerings and increases costs. While the virtual world allows you to walk around freely, that world is necessarily limited by the physical room. This results in “out of bounds” events that break the player immersive experience and requires constant staff attention during gameplay. Finally, because no two sites are alike physically, adding new content is a slow and expensive process.


FocusVR with our exclusive Virtualizer VR multi-directional motion platform solution, provides your clients an experience in virtual reality game-play like no other while eliminating the drawbacks of room scale and arena setups. The Virtualizer provides a unique gaming locomotion experience that creates a safe and totally immersive experience. Since the player is comfortably harnessed in and physically cannot move from the platform, there’s no danger of running into other players or physical objects in the room. In the virtual world, the player can walk or run in any direction, crouch, jump and even sit without restriction. This creates virtual worlds that are effectively unlimited in scope and size. There’s nothing to break the VR immersion. Player safety is increased and required staff attention during gameplay is decreased. With a 100 sq ft of space requirement per machine, the physical footprint is extremely low which translates to a massive savings over arena style setups.


VR Entertainment Group is a full service, turn key solutions provider.

Site Survey and Design Consultation

A true turnkey solution from start to finish, FocusVR technicians will visit your location, discuss the system requirements with your management staff and find the best location in your facility for installation. After a suitable location has been determined, the technician will perform a site survey and consult with your contractors for any physical build out required.

Automated Management Software

Once your location is up and running FocusVR supplies you with all the management and POS software needed for your staff to easily and intuitively collect payments, configure games, interact with players and schedule machine usage. In addition, your clients will be able to pre-schedule appointments on machines hours, days or weeks in advance right online. The software system tracks the time spent on each machine, each game and how much money has been collected. Management override of machine time is available while preventing lower level employees form giving away free time.

Maintenance and Support

FocusVR is committed to ensuring that your VR offerings are as profitable as possible for your business. To that end we’ve taken pains to ensure that our system design is reliable and secure, requiring little maintenance from your staff. If issue do arise, we have a 24/7 hotline to call and speak to a live technician with the capability to remotely troubleshoot the systems.

NOC Services

Through advanced monitoring, security and update software, all of our gaming computers are watched 24/7 and secured against changes that could affect reliability and functionality.  All of our systems’ configurations are locked down completely. Should a local staff member make any unauthorized changes to a system’s configuration, a simple reboot of the system will erase the changes and restore the system to its proper configuration automatically within minutes.

System Updates

FocusVR is committed to ensuring that your systems are as profitable as possible.  Part of that commitment is making sure that your game offerings are fresh and exciting for your clients to keep them engaged and coming back time and again. As new games become available, old games lose their draw, FocusVR will be there as your partner to analyze your sites gameplay statistics. We’ll compare them to regional and national trends and modify your game offering to maximize client interest and revenue.

Operator and Management Training

During the installation process our technicians will train your staff and management on the use and care of the equipment, the POS and scheduling software and handling of clients.





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